Welcome to the Wash & Thomas Blog.  As you can see our Blog deals with four legal areas upon which our firm has its focus. This Blog is designed to provide information about these legal subjects, comments , opinions, and recent developments which might be of interest to our clients and the public.  We hope that the information will be of assistance to you as you have need for it.  If you have questions or need our assistance regarding matters discussed, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.  We will try to respond to your contact as soon as possible.

Since our law firm is located in Texas, we try to focus on Texas law; however, in certain areas, such as social security law, bankruptcy law, and employment law, federal law is involved which would be equally applied in all states.  Therefore, we will also discuss federal law as it is applicable.

Please remember that, while we try to be accurate and complete in our comments and information, we do not intend to form any attorney-client relationship by your reading the information.  You should not rely upon the information in making important decisions in your life without first discussing the matter with your own attorney.  The general information we provide in this Blog might not be correct or appropriate for your specific facts or problem and this is why you should contact an attorney to make sure you have applied your facts correctly to the information we have given.  If you would like for us to consider your specific facts, then we would be glad to talk with you about them further.  You would need to contact us about the matters.

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